Who is Dimone Fleming?: The “erratic” Mother who Pleaded for Mercy on Social Media Before Her two Sons were Fatally Stabbed.


Just hours before the incident, Dimone Fleming, a mother who is accused of fatally stabbing her two young sons in their New York City apartment had pleaded for “mercy” and “repented her wrongdoings.” Deshawn Fleming, 3, and Octavius Canada, 11 months old, were allegedly murdered by Dimone Fleming, 22, who then hid their bodies in the bathtub at the Bronx homeless shelter.

Columbus Canada, Fleming’s husband, was the one to find his children’s lifeless bodies after the authorities failed to notice them during their initial visit to the area. The 22-year- old has now revealed that she frequently discussed demons and thought of her kids as “devils.” Fleming sent a final statement on her Facebook profile just before the bloodbath. 

“There is only one true God, and I am sorry for all my sins and bad influences. Leaving everything that doesn’t serve me anymore… I appreciate your kindness “At six in the morning of the murder, she wrote.

What Happened the Dimone Fleming and Her Children?

The mother was shouting and holding her head up, the witnesses who lived in the building, according to Daily Mail “What have I done? What have I done? “only minutes before the cops arrived at the scene, in the hallway. As Fleming is still being held as a person of interest in the case and has not yet been named an official suspect, no charges have been brought against her.

dimone Fleming
Dimone Fleming

The father apparently had a verbal argument with Fleming the day before, left the house, and spent the night in his car. Casey Canada, Octavius’ great aunt, claimed that Fleming thought her kids were “demons” “She believed the children to be evil. She claimed that she feared them “Casey stated. “She most certainly adored them. It wasn’t a hoax.”

When the cops arrived, they discovered the woman barefoot and setting things on fire in the kitchen. Before they could take her into jail, they had to wait for 30 minutes. Ten minutes after the police departed, the boy’s father came home and discovered the two kids in the flat unresponsive. He contacted the officers again at 7:55 o’clock. 

On Saturday, November 26, at 11 p.m., Patrol Borough Bronx Deputy Chief Louis De Ceglie announced in front of the building at 246 Echo Place that the mother was being held as a person of interest.


Officers discovered a 22-year-old woman who was naked and acting erratically inside the third-floor apartment when they arrived, Chief De Ceglie told reporters. “The officers without incident brought the female into custody and awaited the ambulance’s arrival.”

De Ceglie recalled that the first report that the police had received described a “female acting unstable, but non-violent,” without any weapons.


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