Meet Stephen Curry’s daughter, Ryan Carson Curry

Ryan Carson Curry is the daughter of one of the world’s highest paid athletes. Young Ryan is the second child of her parents; Stephen Curry and his wife, renowned actress Ayesha Curry. 

Given the status of her parents, it is obvious that Ryan is an absolute celebrity kid (even though she’s probably too young to even know what it means).

Biography and Age 

Ryan Carson Curry was born in Oakland, California in the United States of America. She was born on July 10, 2015 and is only 7 years old. 

Ryan Carson Curry’s Parents 

Ryan’s father, Stephen Curry, is one of the most successful NBA stars of all time. He plays for the Golden State Warriors as a point guard. 

Her mother Ayesha is also an established actress in her own right.

Ryan Carson Curry’s Siblings 

Ryan Curry has two siblings, an older sister named Riley Curry and a younger brother named Canon Curry. They were all biologically birthed by Ayesha and Stephen Curry. 

What is Ryan Carson Curry’s net worth? 

Ryan is still too young to have any properties of her own. But given the fact that her father alone is worth about $160 million, money will definitely not be a problem for her and her siblings. 

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