Motsepe Foundation Bursary Application 2024

A bursary is a financial prize given by an organization to individuals or groups who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. It is intended to help those in need, particularly those who are deserving but facing financial difficulties.

3. Bursary Application To apply for a bursary, parents must complete an application form provided by the school.


This form requires information about their financial situation, including details of their assets. The application is reviewed by the school according to its bursary policy. Awards are usually valid until the student completes the relevant public exam.

4. Criteria for Bursary Application The following criteria should be met for a successful bursary application:

  • Minimum pass aggregate of 70%, excluding Life Orientation
  • Preference for courses related to Mathematics, Medical studies, Sciences, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Business studies. Also open to students studying Law, Agriculture, and Arts.
  • Proof of financial need.

5. Information Required on the Application Form The application form should include the following details:

  • Full name and surname of the applicant
  • Physical address
  • Contact details (cell number and next of kin contact details)
  • Email address
  • Degree name and duration
  • High school name

6. Required Documents for the Application The following documents must be submitted along with the application form:

  • Certified copy of the applicant’s identity document
  • June results for 2024
  • Proof of residence
  • Confirmation letter from the Department of Social Services (signed and stamped) for pensioners, child support, orphans grant
  • Pay slip, employment letter, or 3-month bank statement
  • Certified affidavit to support proof of income for self-employed parents/guardians

7. Accepted Courses The Motsepe Foundation Bursary accepts applications for various fields of study, including:

  • Sciences
  • Engineering / Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies
  • Medical Studies
  • Art and Agriculture
  • Law Studies

8. Bursary Requirements and Eligibility To be eligible for the bursary, applicants must:

  • Be South African citizens
  • Have a minimum average of 70% in Matric, excluding Life Orientation
  • Intend to study in STEM, Business, or Arts fields
  • Demonstrate excellent academic performance
  • Show proven financial need

9. How to Apply and Application Details To apply for the Motsepe Foundation Bursary, follow these steps:

  • Download and complete the Motsepe Foundation Bursary Application Form (PDF)
  • Include certified copies of the applicant’s ID, household members’ IDs, recent academic/exam results, and acceptance letter from the university
  • Submit recent payslips and employment certifications (not older than 3 months) for each parent or legal guardian
  • If applicable, provide a SASSA letter for family members receiving a social grant
  • Present a signed affidavit for parents or legal guardians working as informal traders (subject to verification)
  • Provide certified copies of the death certificate for deceased parents or a certified copy of the divorce decree for divorced parents
  • If parents do not live at home, submit an affidavit indicating the reasons
  • If supported by someone other than a parent or legal guardian, include an affidavit stating the reasons
  • Send the completed application form and supporting documents via email to

10. Closing Date The deadline for the Motsepe Foundation bursary application is September 15th each year. However, it is recommended to submit the application well in advance of the deadline

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