Hilton Teacher Internship 2023 Application Now Open

scholarship students
scholarship students

Hilton College, in collaboration with the VULA Programme, has announced the Hilton Teacher Internship 2023.

The internship aims to develop excellent teachers with strong leadership skills, dedicated to addressing the education challenges in South Africa.


3. Location and Sponsors

  • Location: KwaZulu-Natal
  • Sponsors: Hilton College and VULA Programme

4. Purpose of the Internship


The Hilton Teacher Internship 2023 aims to produce highly capable teachers who can contribute to overcoming educational challenges in South Africa. The goal is to nurture future graduates who have completed the Teacher Internship Project.

5. The Philosophy of Hilton College

At the entrance gates of Hilton College, the following words are inscribed: “Enter these gates with humility, determined to contribute to, and to take advantage of, all that this institution offers, and depart knowing that you are well equipped to forge your future in the world.” This motto sets the foundation for the yearlong internship program.

6. Developing Future Education Leaders


The primary objective of the internship program at Hilton College is to train and equip young teachers who will become the future leaders in education, not only in South Africa but also beyond. The program offers diverse opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience by actively participating in various aspects of school life.

7. Qualities of an Ideal Candidate

To be eligible for the Hilton Teacher Internship 2023, candidates should possess the following qualities:

  • Registering or eligible to register for a PGCE through correspondence in 2024 and interested in gaining professional experience in the workplace.
  • Show a strong commitment to making a positive impact by spending time at schools affiliated with the VULA Programme.
  • Willingness to contribute to a boarding house, as Hilton College is a full boarding school.
  • Capable and willing to offer at least two co-curricular skills, such as sports coaching, theater and performance, debating, music, etc.
  • Participation in specific school programs and projects, including theatrical plays, field trips, hikes, sports tours, and outreach activities.
  • Demonstrate a passion for continuous self-learning and aspire to pursue a permanent teaching career.

8. Application Process

Interested candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  • Full CV
  • Motivation letter, including preferred subjects for teaching, sports coaching/playing experience and proficiency levels, and other relevant activities the candidate wishes to be involved in.
  • Certified copies of qualification certificates, including matric NSC results and tertiary results.

Submit the application via email to The deadline for submission is Monday, 22nd August 2024.

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