The reasons for Travis Barker‘s burgeoning collection of tattoos are varied, but we can decipher the main reasons why He has so many on his body.

The star’s interest in cars and racing was probably a big factor in his early love for ink. Perhaps the love of Kourtney Kardashian for cars and racing played a part in his inclination toward ink.

Travis Barker’s affinity for ink started at a young age

After joining the rock group Blink-182 as a drummer at the age of eighteen, Travis Barker’s affinity for tattoos and ink continued into his adult life.

In addition to his work with Blink-182, Barker has also released many solo albums and collaborated with a wide variety of artists.

He has worked on music videos, and clothing lines, and even recorded a beat for a classic mix from DJ AM.

While his affinity for tattoos began at an early age, he has been tattooing his body ever since. He tattooed his girlfriend’s name using a razor blade when he was only ten or eleven years old.

According to his son in an interview with GQ, Travis has as many as 103 tattoos on his body. The singer has also had to cover tattoos due to burning wounds and skin grafts.

His love of cars and car racing

The love of cars and car racing is evident in his tattoos. His right torso has a Cadillac and a racing flag tattoo. His left arm has a skull tattoo and a rose on it.

A skull is considered a lucky number, and Travis is believed to have gotten this tattoo because of his Catholic faith. Other tattoos on Travis’ body depict cars, including a cross, a shamrock, and a skull.

Travis Barker’s love of cars and car racing is reflected in his many tattoos. One of his favorite cars is a Cadillac, and the number 66 is a tribute to the car’s iconic logo.

In addition, he has a heart surrounded by spark plugs and mudflap girls. He has tattoos commemorating his childhood memories of cars, as well.

His fiancee Kourtney Kardashian

The tattoos on his fiancee Kournney Kardashian’s body are a tribute to their many experiences together, including the time when Travis proposed to her on the beach.

The tattoo artist behind the artwork, Cheyenne Randall, took months to complete, and he tagged her in a photo caption on Instagram.

The tattoo artist also credited photographer Julia Kulik with the original photo.

During the same inking session, Travis covered up another tattoo featuring his ex-wife Shanna. Shanna reacted negatively to Travis’ choice to cover up the name of her ex-boyfriend on her arm, so she decided to cover it up with her name instead.

In an effort to hide her ex-boyfriend, she deleted several recent family pictures from Instagram, including a tribute to Landon’s 18th birthday and a selfie with daughter Alabama.


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