Who Is Tristan Snell? Age, Wife, Net worth, Law

Tristan Snell is a former assistant attorney for the State of New York, Tristan is an American advocate, In addition, he founded Main Street Law and has served as its managing partner since May 2021.

Who Is Tristan Snell?

Tristan is an American advocate and former assistant attorney of the State of New York.


He graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in politics. In 2003, he graduated with a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Before taking a position as an Assistant Attorney General at the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, Tristan worked as an intern and clerk for a number of business offices.


He is renowned for looking into Trump University’s possible fraud and violations of New York’s education law, which led to a $25 million settlement.

He founded the Tristan Snell PLLC and Main Street Law today as a result of his active and ongoing business, financial, and legal investigations and settlements.

Tristan Snell Age: How old is Tristan Snell?

Tristan Snell is 32 years old

Is Tristan Snell Married? Tristan Snell wife

There is no wife for Tristan Snell, His marital status has not yet been made public. Therefore, there is information about his wife is not available, Despite being young, and in his early 30s, there are currently no records of his dating history or companions.


What is Tristan Snell’s Net worth?

Tristan’s legal and corporate careers have unquestionably contributed to his substantial personal wealth, Although it is certain that they are not shocked, he has not yet disclosed his profits, As soon as we have any new information regarding his yields, we will update this area.

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