Who is Sonny Barger? Cause of death, wife, Children, Music


In a message on his Facebook page, founding member Sonny Barger stated that he had passed away surrounded by family.

What is Sonny Barger’s cause of death?

The exact cause of Sonny’s death is not known nor was it released by his family, however, he had some health challenges in the past.

Due to his heavy smoking, Sonny was given a throat cancer diagnosis in 1983, necessitating the removal of his vocal cords. In 2012, he underwent surgery to remove his prostate due to prostate cancer.

Who was Sonny Barger?

On October 8, 1938, Ralph Hubert “Sonny” Barger was born in Modesto, California.

In addition to founding the Oakland chapter of the motorcycle club Hells Angels, he was an author and had roles in television and movies.

When Sonny was fired from his job as a machine operator in the late 1960s owing to absences, he started providing advice on numerous film projects.

He was detained in 1963 on his first accusation of marijuana possession.
The Hells Angels, which are widely regarded as a crime syndicate by law enforcement, saw an increase in crime the year after he was caught once more.


The Hells Angel commander received a prison sentence for possessing a weapon and selling narcotics three years after being cleared of a murder allegation.
He was granted parole four and a half years later, but during the course of his life, he was repeatedly hauled back to face trials for different offenses.

Many publications about the Hells Angels, including his best-selling autobiography and other books about bikers, prominently feature Sonny.

He also played Lenny Janowitz on the television series Sons of Anarchy, which was said to be modeled on the Hells Angels. He also provided advice for the project.

He had four marriages throughout his life, the most recent taking place in 2005 with Zorana, who was by his side until he passed away at the age of 83.


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