Rebecca Grossman, a LA Socialite who Caused a Tragedy that Killed two Little Brothers, Complains that She is the Object of “Hatred and Anger.”

Rebecca Grossman, woman from Los Angeles who is accused of killing two little brothers in a luxury area in 2020 with her Mercedes claims she is the object of “a lot of hate and rage” and has even considered taking her own life. A double murder trial is pending against Rebecca Grossman, 58, for the terrible deaths of Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8. The two brothers were struck by Rebecca’s car around 7:10 PM on September 29, 2020.

She had been drinking at a Mexican restaurant that day with former Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, and was driving while intoxicated. Rebecca has often insisted that the incident was a horrific accident, but the prosecution has nonetheless pursued murder charges against her. According to a witness account, Rebecca and Erickson are accused of street racing their vehicles. The socialite, however, denied the allegations and stated that the collision occurred because of a badly illuminated and signaled crosswalk.

Rebecca Grossman’s Interview with Los Angeles Magazine

In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine this week, Rebecca alleged that she is misunderstood by both the general public and the police. There is a lot of hatred and rage out there, and that hatred comes from believing everything that has been said about me, including that I have no regrets, that I’m a monster, that this hasn’t changed my life, and that I simply go about my daily activities as if this never happened, she added. “That’s simply untrue.”

Despite the boy’s parents’ suggestions, Rebecca claimed that she and Erickson are only friends and not lovers. She claimed that her guilt was so oppressive that she had thought about killing herself. “I had the thought of going the simple route. It still does so occasionally, “According to Daily Mail, she stated. Famous Los Angeles burn surgeon Dr. Peter H. Grossman is Grossman’s husband.

Together, they established The Grossman Burn Foundation, where recent patients included comedian Jay Leno. “She cries all the time. She is trapped emotionally and might never be able to escape “stated Rebecca’s husband. Her daughter has also created a webpage to demonstrate her innocence. The police’s assertions and accusations that Rebecca attempted to flee the site of the accident were refuted by Rebecca’s relatives.

With a $2 million cash bail, Rebecca is not in jail. Her family argues that she shouldn’t be put on trial for murder, and a court already rejected their request to have the accusations against her reduced to vehicular manslaughter. She filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of California claiming that the murder accusations were against her rights. January 10 has been set aside for a pre-trial hearing.

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