Who is Mosley Thompson Manning? Meet the daughter of Peyton Manning

Mosley Thompson Manning is the young daughter of successful NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Thompson. Her father comes from an iconic family of some of America’s finest and richest football players while her mother is a successful entrepreneur and business woman.

Mosley Thompson Manning’s Biography 

Mosley Thompson Manning would be considered an average 11 year old had the fame and wealth of her parents and their entire extended family not played a role. 


The celebrity youngster was born on March 31, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America. 

Mosley Thompson Manning’s net worth 

Mosley is still only a child, so as it stands now, she has no known properties in her name. And even if she did have any, they have not been made public and thus, have not yet been estimated. 


Mosley Thompson Manning’s Education 

The Thompson-Manning daughter is still a grader in one of the best elementary schools in the United States. She is expected to complete her elementary school education in a couple of years. 

Mosley Thompson Manning’s siblings

Peyton Manning and Ashley Thompson have only had two children since their marriage in 2001. This means that Mosley only has one sibling, a brother by the name of Marshall Williams Manning. 

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