Who is B.G?: Birdman Hints That The Cash Money Rapper’s 14-Year Sentence Has Been Reduced.

Rapper B.G. may be granted an early release from the FCI Herlong Detention Center, where he is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence. Prior to the rapper’s expected release on April 7, 2024, Cash Money Records president Birdman reportedly said during an Instagram live that the rapper will return home in “a few weeks.”

Earlier this year, B.G., whose real name is Christopher Dorsey, requested a compassionate release; nevertheless, it was turned down for the third time. According to Yahoo!, he filed his first motion in May 2020. The rapper wrote a handwritten letter to the judge requesting an early release. 

He acknowledged “full responsibility” for his offenses in the letter, citing his challenging upbringing and rap career, but thought that his punishment was “adequate.” After three days of consideration, District Judge Susie Morgan decided against granting the motion.

“He has not established compelling and extraordinary reasons for his compassionate release and should therefore continue in federal prison until the end of his sentence in 2024,” she wrote in her 11-page statement.

According to a Yahoo! report, the second request was made in July 2022, at which point Birdman appealed to the judge with the support of a petition signed by several well-known people, claiming that “He is not only a generational artist but he’s got a platform and the chance to share his experience to better today’s young men who need to hear what he’s got to say.”


I am confident that after his release, he will give back and use what he has experienced to assist as many people as he can. But the judge turned down the appeal.

The third compassionate release motion was then filed in September under the title “The Court Misconstrued Defendant’s Motion,” which cited the 2021 letter B.G. had written to the court requesting a reduction in the length of his sentence and mentioned the circumstances at the prison while asserting that he was at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Several rumors now claim that the 42-year-old rapper may be set free soon. The early release has been discussed by Birdman before, though, so this is not the first time. According to Distractify, he sent B.G. a message saying, “Be home in a minute,” back in December 2021.

Additionally, a video with a message that was posted online caused a lot of confusion among internet users “Be home in a minute,” directed at B.G. Also, a video led to a lot of confusion among the netizens, that was uploaded with the caption “B.G. Free” and stating “After 17 years, Ain’t no more Free G. GOD is GOOD!” Wasn’t the best day, but they released one of my favorite artists, a fan remarked.

But shortly it was made clear by many that it wasn’t the rapper, and they urged people to stop spreading false information. You need to remove this man spreading incorrect information, one person said.

Why was B.G Arrested?

Distractify claims that B.G. was taken into custody on November 3, 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana, with three firearms, two of which were thought to be stolen. B.G., who struggled with heroin addiction, was imprisoned in 2012 after being accused with gun possession and witness tampering. 

He entered a plea of guilty to two counts of having a firearm while a felon and one count of taking part in a plot to obstruct justice.

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