Who is Michael Dougherty?: A 40-year-old Florida Man is Charged With Attempted Second-Degree Murder After Shoving a Hatchet into a Woman’s Head.

Micheal Doughtery has been charged with murder. Lisa Rogers Eaton, 56, of St. Petersburg is still in critical condition after police discovered a hatchet sticking out of her head on Tuesday, November 22. 40-year-old Michael Doughtery, who shared a house with her after being granted entry by Eaton after losing his job, has been named as the man suspected of trying to kill her with a hatchet.

According to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office “Deputies were called to 4000 24th Street North, Lot 230 in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at around 10:36 am in response to a murder attempt. 

The Discovery made by Deputies on Michael Dougherty

Deputies discovered a 56-year-old woman with a hatchet sticking out of her skull, and they took her to a nearby hospital because her injuries were life-threatening, according to detectives. Before deputies arrived, the culprit, subsequently identified as Michel Dougherty, 40, fled the area.”

Using a variety of investigating techniques, detectives were able to locate Dougherty’s car on Tuesday, November 22 near Gainesville. According to the police, Dougherty was arrested for an attempted second-degree murder warrant on November 24 at around 2.50 am by an Alachua County Deputy, who then took him to the county jail.

After Michael Dougherty lost his job, she said Eaton let him move in with her and her husband. “We cannot comprehend it. She wouldn’t harm anyone, therefore we don’t know why. No family should ever receive a call like the one we did informing us of this or informing them that a member of their family has been cruelly attacked, as our little sister was, according to the report by Voye.

Michael Dougherty

Eaton was listed in the report as being in stable condition at the hospital, but the sheriff’s office stated that owing to the seriousness of the wounds, Eaton is being closely monitored.

But according to Voye, Eaton’s loved ones will assemble at the hospital early on Saturday, November 26, to be with her, pray, and ask a doctor to turn off her respirator. While the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office continues to look into the incident, the family is also hard at work gathering money for her funeral.

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