Where was Lynette Martinez found? Female Wrestler She-Hulk Goes Missing After UFC Event

Lynette Martinez
Lynette Martinez

Female Wrestler She-Hulk Goes Missing After UFC Event

Lynette Martinez, a 30-year-old female wrestler who goes by the stage name She-Hulk, was reported missing after attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in San Antonio on March 24, 2023.

Martinez was scheduled to return home to El Paso two days later, but her mother discovered that she was missing.

Search Operation Launched, Martinez Found Safe

Upon receiving the report of Martinez’s disappearance, the police initiated a search operation, which lasted for almost ten days.

Finally, she was found safe in the Austin area. Martinez’s family and search party confirmed that she is fine and unharmed.

After her safe recovery, Martinez took to Instagram to inform her followers about her well-being.

Suspicions of Possible Trafficking

Although it remains unclear why Martinez went missing, her mother and friends suspected that it might have been a case of trafficking.

Martinez had reportedly left her friend’s house at 4 am on Saturday to meet an unknown man who promised to introduce her to people associated with the UFC.

Martinez did not turn up the next day, and her phones were switched off.

As of this writing, Martinez has not commented on the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

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