Who is Markell Noah?: A 12-Year-Old Jackson Kid Dies After Playing Russian Roulette, and three People are Detained on Suspicion of Murder

A preteen from Jackson lost his life after playing a fatal game of Russian roulette. On November 25, Friday night, Markell Noah, 12, was found at an abandoned house at 334 Audubon Place after being reported missing. Deric Hearn, the deputy chief, claims that Noah’s death was eventually brought on by the risky game.

One adult, age 21, and two kids were apprehended by the Jackson Police Department on November 25. According to JPD, WLBT reported, the two juveniles are charged with murder while the adult is suspected of being an accessory after the fact.

The case is still being investigated, according to the police, who have asked anyone with information to contact the homicide/robbery detectives at (601) 960-1278 or Crime Stoppers at (601) 355-8477.

What is Russian Roulette?

A fatal act of tremendous bravery in which the offender turns the cylinder of a revolver with at least one cartridge inside, points the muzzle at the target, and pulls the trigger is referred to as “fatal Russian roulette,” according to a study.

Russian roulette according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is “a very risky game of chance where each player fires a gun with one bullet in it and five empty chambers (i.e. slots where bullets could go) at their own head.”

With an emphasis on Russian roulette cases, the Medical Examiners’ Offices in Kentucky undertook a retrospective investigation of self-inflicted head gunshot wounds over a ten-year period (1993-2002). The report Research Gate put together showed that the 24 Russian roulette victims had an average age of 24.8 years and that 79.2% of them were white guys between the ages of 14 and 47. 

Russian roulette compared to other cephalic firearm suicides, participants who played had a noticeably higher likelihood of having elevated ethanol blood levels as well as other substances that could be detected in urine. Despite the risky act’s ostensible survival motive, Russian roulette is categorized as suicide because it was largely intentional and voluntary on the side of the deceased.

A Michigan State University student was shot and killed by her lover in a game of Russian roulette in 2019 while she was on break in Chicago. According to the prosecutors, her lover fatally shot her when he was toying with the pistol at an apartment on the Southside of the city.

Lafayette Hodges, 18, was ordered by the judge to be held without the chance of bail. In connection with the shooting death of Lyniah Bell, 19, he was charged with felony involuntary manslaughter.

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