Who is Mabel Bert? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth.

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Who is Mabel Bert?

Mabel Bert was a famous American actress who was born in 1862. Her father, A.C. Scott, came from a very wealthy family. Her family was also very wealthy.

They arrived in the United States in 1865, residing in San Francisco, California, so that Mabel might have access to higher-quality educational opportunities. Mills Seminary, located in Oakland, California, was responsible for her education.

She fell into the role of actress by complete accident. During the performance of Oliver Twist, she and a friend were working backstage when they were asked at the eleventh hour to step in for a missing actress who had three lines.

She played all three roles.After beginning her career by performing with a number of different companies across the state of California for a period of two years, in 1886 she joined a stock company in San Francisco for the purpose of playing prominent roles.

She performed in Shakespeare’s plays, old comedies, melodramas, society plays, and burlesques throughout the course of 14 months, always playing a different role each week.

In the year 1887, she traveled to the east coast and enlisted with one of the companies operated by the Frohman Brothers in Held by the Enemy.

Since then, Bert has starred in a number of starring roles in a variety of plays and has performed in every significant city in the United States. She was a lead performer for the John A. Stevens Company at the Grand Opera House in San Francisco when it was still in operation.

Who is Mabel Bert Husband?

Bert married Forrest Robinson, a Broadway actor who later appeared in Mary Pickford films, on July 28, 1893.

They met while acting in The Lost Paradise together. She lived with her daughter in Denver in the 1930s after becoming a widow in 1924.

What is Mabel Bert Net Worth?

Mabel Bert’s net worth is believed to be between $3 million and $5 million. Her riches was mostly accumulated through her acting profession.

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