Who is Nate Higgers and why was he trending?

Nate Higgers became a trending topic on the internet for a while because of the fact that Google searches produced this name and LinkedIn profile whenever you searched for the Acting CEO of Google. 

Is Nate Higgers a real person? 

There is a former American/Spanish basketball player and coach by the name Nate Higgs, but he’s not the one we’re talking about. 

This Nate Higgers is actually not a real person. The entire thing is simply a Twitter and Reddit meme that went very viral. 

Nate Higgers’ LinkedIn Profile 

The LinkedIn profile created for this Nate Higgers has the profile picture of a casually dressed African-American man. 

His only work experience was that he worked at Walmart. 

What does the meme mean? 

The Nate Higgers meme is actually an ironic one, it is used as a bypass in trolling sessions on internet communities. Swapping the first letters of the two words will give you the real meaning of the meme. 

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