Who is Coco Gauff?


Cori “Coco” Gauff is a pro tennis player from the United States. She is the youngest player to be ranked in the top 100 by the Women’s Tennis Association.

On April 4, 2022, she was world No. 15 in singles, and on February 28, 2022, she was world No. 10 in doubles.


Coco gauff net worth

It is thought that Coco Gauff has a net worth of about $4 million. Coco is only 17 years old, but she plays tennis for a living.

She has gotten a lot of attention because of how good she is at tennis.


At the Grand Slam level at the Australian Open in 2020, she impressed everyone with how good she was.

Coco gauff parents

The Gauffs are a fascinating family with a sweet love story that helped their daughter become famous. Coco’s father, Corey Gauff, played basketball at Georgia State and is now retired.

Her mother, Candi Gauff, was a hurdler and heptathlete at Florida State and is now retired.

Coco gauff age

18 years, she was born on March 13, 2004

Coco gauff ranking


Coco gauff salary

As of 2022, Coco Gauff has a net worth of $4 million. Most of her income comes from rewards and brand promotions. Her annual income is around $100,000. She won her first title in 2019 (WTA).

Coco gauff boyfriend

Coco Gauff is currently not dating anyone. She is fully focused on her tennis career, despite the fact that she has accomplished so much at her age, it is obvious she is waiting for the right time or having someone she doesn’t to be in the social media space.

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