When Did Sarah Palin Run For President?

In 2008, Sarah Palin, who was a running mate to John McCain, announced her candidacy for president. While she initially proved to be a powerful presence, she was criticized for a number of gaffes and for going off-message. Campaign staffers referred to this as “going rogue.” In addition to attracting criticism, Palin’s candidacy became polarizing, and the pair lost to a Democrat-led ticket.

In June 2009, Sarah Palin announced her bid for vice president. She had no prior political experience, but she was an avowed anti-establishment candidate who had been actively promoting Donald Trump. She has received many prominent Republican supporters, including former President George W. Bush. However, some pundits believe that Palin may have set up Trump for her run for the presidency. She has spent time abroad, and is considered a political predecessor of Donald Trump.

She announced her candidacy in 2011, but she had little involvement in the presidential race. In fact, she left Fox News in 2015, and some questioned her political relevance. During the 2016 election, Palin was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. Although the two candidates were not able to meet in person, she still helped Trump win the Republican presidential nomination. In November 2016, she became the first woman governor of Alaska.

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