Tips for Finding and Applying for Scholarships

scholarship students
scholarship students
  • Know where to look: institutional and private scholarships.
  • Contact the financial aid office and high school guidance counselor for information.
  • Search online portals for local, state, national, and international scholarships.
  • Look for scholarships based on academic excellence, athletics, financial need, service, and special associations.

Preparing your scholarship application

  • Review and meet the requirements of each scholarship.
  • Verify that you qualify based on academic, athletic, financial, or character-based criteria.
  • Understand the application process and required documents.
  • Be aware of deadlines and submit the application on time.
  • Fill out the application form accurately and provide additional requested information.

After submitting your scholarship application

  • Note the waiting period, which varies depending on the scholarship.
  • Scholarship sponsors will contact selected winners; no response indicates non-selection.
  • Inform the sponsor of any contact information changes.
  • Formally accept the scholarship offer if awarded.
  • Fulfill any obligations outlined by the scholarship.
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