Roddy Ricch’s Girlfriend: What Happened With Her?

‘The Box’ was a huge success, and now people are waiting and dying due to the fact that Roddy Rich is going to pick up another music album, but with all this so far from Ricch’s career, many of his fans and people around him on social media are pretty confused when it comes to his personal life.

But this is not a secret anymore and this article will give you all the details regarding Roddy Rich, who is his girlfriend, what happened to him, domestic abuse charges, and the latest criticism he is currently facing from rapper Rich Homie.

Let’s get a little introduction on who Roddy Ricch is. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, who is mostly known for some of his hit songs like The Box, Die Young, Racks in the Middle, etc., which topped the Billboard charts and featured on their Hot 100 singles.

He is also a Grammy Award winner, simultaneously having Best Rap Performance. Apart from that, he has won two BET Awards, two BET Hip Hop Awards, and an American Music Award.

Who is Roddy Rich’s Girlfriend?

Roddy Rich is one of the very iconic rappers making diverse and amazing music, professional fans always love when he announces his new album or releases some loud songs or singles, but personally, Roddy is a very low key person and thus makes sure to keep his personal life away from his professional life.

But speaking of who is Rudy’s girlfriend currently, it is Alicia Kay. She also gave birth to Rudy’s first child, which fans were very excited about. Although the news itself came from media sources, the couple did not clarify it themselves.

Alicia Kay is a model, and therefore also an entrepreneur; She has a fashion line called Minati through which she earns her income, and apart from that, she is also a model.

Now that Roddy and Alicia have their first child, fans are happy and excited at the same time. However, the fact that couples make sure not to share enough information about their love lives and to be low-key about what they want to share with their fans is largely their choice.

Roddy Rich Girlfriend
Roddy Rich, Credits: Nicki Swift

What happened to rapper Roddy Rich?

Rudy is a very popular singer, but fame isn’t the only solution. Things get worse when celebrities use their power and fame and become oblivious to what they are doing with their lives.

Things turn sour with Rick when his then-girlfriend accuses him of domestic violence; Things escalated into violence when Ricksh and his girlfriend were having a normal fight when he hit her on the head and used violence in between arguing for which his girlfriend called the police.

He was then charged with felony domestic violence. However, Rudy has not publicly committed to the situation. His legal team defended him by faking the allegations, but everything returned to normal when his girlfriend, the victim in this whole incident, dropped the charges.

Rudy has not yet spoken about the case yet. He has taken great care to keep his personal life out of his professional life. And not only that, he was sometimes criticized by his fans for offending the LGBTQ+ community in his song “Die Young”, where he used a homophobic slur that severely offended the community.

After that, he even apologized for the lyrics, but that was another thing that got his life in trouble.

Roddy Rich Girlfriend
Roddy Rich, Credits: Nicki Swift

Rich Homes criticizes Roddy Rich for deleting a verse from DJ Drama’s album

Ricch has recently been criticized by Rich Homes, who criticized him for removing his verse from the DJ Drama album. DJ Drama’s current album, I Really Like It featured many artists and thus had a lineup with some of the biggest rappers in the industry, such as Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, etc.

However, in one of the tracklists, which appeared with Roddy, Gucci Mane, and Rich Homes, Rich claimed that Roddy removed his hair from the track, which he didn’t like at all, and thus took a live Instagram to address the whole situation.

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