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Tamra Judge, a reality television personality and the real estate agent was born on September 2, 1967.

Her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County is remarkable.


Tamra In Glendale, California, Sue Waddle was born on September 2, 1967. She grew up in California with her two brothers, whose names are unknown.

She hails from a family of entrepreneurs. Her two brothers took over the family business when her parents retired.
She was a clarinet player in the band while she was in junior high. She graduated from a Californian private high school.


She married her first husband, Darren Vieth, in 1985, and gave birth to a son, Ryan Vieth, in 1987. She has been divorced twice and married three times. In 1990, they divorced.
On May 23, 1998, she wed Simon Barney, her second husband, and gave birth to three children with him.

Spencer Barney was born in 2001, while Sidney and Sophie Barney, their children, were born in 2006 and 2000, respectively. 2011 saw the end of her marriage.

Tamra currently has a poor connection with her daughter Sidney as a result of Sidney taking her father’s side in their divorce from Simon Barney. I would do anything to mend my relationship with my eldest daughter, Tamra has said.
On June 15, 2013, Tamra wed Eddie Judge at the Monarch Beach Resort (Dana Point, California).

She and her current husband do not currently have any children.
Tamra has rejected rumors that she had an affair with her ex-boyfriend Jeff Thomas.
Eddie, Tamra’s husband, has recently experienced cardiac problems. He underwent his third heart surgery in September 2018.


His heartbeat rhythm has not improved, according to the doctors. The pair is seeking advice from several medical professionals to get an assessment of Mr. Judge’s health, but they remain hopeful. Despite loving exercise, he has health issues. His love of working out has been impacted.

It has been suggested that her spouse have another procedure in order to get the blood clots inside his blood vessels removed. His body’s blood can be thinned using blood thinners.

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