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Are you considering a career as a laundry worker in Canada? Starting a new job in a foreign country can be challenging, especially when you’re unsure where to begin your search.

Canadian employers have numerous options for recruiting employees, and it’s essential to explore all available avenues, including the benefits of working through staffing agencies.


This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights into laundry worker jobs in Canada, enabling you to choose the right position that aligns with your skillset and career aspirations.

Laundry Workers Needed in Canada

Imagine working in Canada and earning $23 per hour while doing laundry. Not only will you receive excellent health benefits and paid time off, but you’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world.


We are currently seeking warm-hearted individuals to join our team of laundry workers in Canada, where we specialize in cleaning sheets, uniforms, and clothing for some of the finest hotels and resorts in the area. If you have at least one year of experience in a similar position and are interested in this exciting job opportunity, we encourage you to contact us today!

Genesis Laundry Services

Genesis Laundry Services is a highly reputed high-volume laundry service in Canada. We are actively looking for hardworking individuals to join our team.

As part of our team, your responsibilities will include washing and folding 100 pounds of laundry per day. You’ll earn $12 per hour while working nine-hour shifts from Monday to Friday.

If you’re seeking a job and are passionate about cleaning, folding, and taking care of laundry, we want to hear from you! Please send us your resume, and if we decide to move forward, we’ll be in touch with the next steps of the hiring process.


With over 20 years of experience, Genesis Laundry Services, Inc. specializes in providing laundry services to various companies and families in Greater Toronto. Our business is rapidly expanding due to our exceptional customer service, wide range of services, and reliable workforce. To meet the growing customer demand and expand our operations, we are looking to hire additional part-time employees for our facilities. No prior experience is necessary as we provide on-the-job training.

At Genesis Laundry Services, our client’s needs always come first. We believe in paying our laundry workers above-average wages, ensuring that we attract and retain exceptional employees who are committed to meeting our clients’ deadlines and standards. Whether you’re seeking a long-term career or a job that offers flexibility, we have opportunities for you.

We provide on-the-job training conducted by experienced laundry specialists who will guide you through every aspect of laundry services. We also offer positions during evenings and weekends, allowing you to find a schedule that suits your needs. Laundry jobs are available across Ontario, with opportunities in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge, London, and more!

The Training Program

While the process of finding laundry jobs may differ from traditional job searches, new opportunities are emerging everywhere. The key is knowing where to look. Many companies, including hotels and hospitals, hire both full-time and part-time laundry workers. If you have prior experience in the field, it’s worth exploring employment opportunities with large hotel chains.

Salary and Incentives

The salary of a laundry worker in Canada can vary depending on various factors, just like any other job. Diligent and hardworking individuals are rewarded for their efforts, while those who slack off may face consequences. Salaries and incentives are not location-dependent, so whether you’re in Charlottetown or Calgary, you can find a laundry worker’s salary that suits your expectations.

How to apply?

If you believe you’re well-suited for laundry jobs in Canada, we invite you to fill out an application form on our website. Please provide as much information as possible to showcase your qualifications fully. It’s important to note that a Canadian working visa may be required for employment.

How to Get a Laundry Job in Canada

If you’re wondering how to secure a laundry job in Canada, follow these five steps:

  1. Apply for every open position: Laundry jobs are in demand, and even if you can’t find one locally, there are plenty of employers who would be thrilled to have a dedicated employee like you.
  2. Consider starting your own business: If landing a job at a laundry service center seems challenging, why not explore the option of starting your own laundry service center? With the right planning and determination, you can create your own business and be your own boss.
  3. Get certified in laundry services and products: Certification from reputable training programs, such as the International Fabricare Institute (IFI), can enhance your credentials and open doors to better-paying positions or promotions within the laundry industry.
  4. Look for laundry positions online: Some companies advertise their laundry job openings online. Take advantage of online job boards and career websites to search for opportunities before heading out for interviews.
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