Fruit Packer and Picker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

fruit picking jobs in canada with visa sponsorship

If you’re looking for fruit-picking jobs in Canada, here are the latest opportunities available. There are various job vacancies for farm pickers, including apple pickers, cherry pickers, strawberry pickers, tomato pickers, and more.

These jobs are often filled by individuals from countries like India, the Philippines, Nigeria, and other Asian and African nations.


2. Fruit Farm Employee Jobs

Farmers’ annual earnings fluctuate based on factors like weather conditions and other agricultural production influences. Many farmers have income from non-farming sources, and independent farmers should be offered attractive benefits such as insurance and retirement plans.

3. Career Growth in Fruit Growing

Fruit growers can expand their farms to increase their revenue potential. Employees in fruit growing can become farm supervisors or start their own fruit-growing businesses. Some may enter related fields such as food processing companies. Effective marketing of agricultural products is crucial for successful fruit growing.


Apple Picking Jobs in Canada

Many agricultural industries in Canada hire apple pickers, making apple picking jobs particularly appealing to foreigners. These jobs often offer more comfortable working conditions compared to other fruit picking roles.

Requirements for Fruit Picking Staff in Canada

To work as a fruit picker in Canada, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • English language proficiency
  • No formal education required
  • Experience is an asset
  • Specific skills: sorting and packing fruits and vegetables, loading and unloading, moving containers, offering produce
  • Bonus skills: maintaining a clean workspace
  • Types of fruits: apple, cherry, strawberry, grape, orange, citrus, tomatoes
  • Work location: rural and agricultural zones

Salary for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

The salary for fruit picking jobs in Canada varies depending on the agricultural industry, the season, and the level of production. However, based on current trends, the basic wages and benefits for workers are as follows:

  • Average monthly salary: $1500 – $3200
  • Benefits provided by the company: food, accommodation, medical expenses
  • Salary increase based on performance

Duties of Fruit Pickers in Canada

The specific job responsibilities and duties of fruit pickers and farm workers include:

  • Operating farm equipment to plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest fruit and nut crops
  • Mixing and applying chemical solutions to control pests, diseases, and weeds
  • Pruning plants to improve fruit quality
  • Irrigating soil and crops
  • Harvesting and storing fruits
  • Transporting equipment, materials, and products using vehicles or tractors
  • Performing minor maintenance on agricultural machinery
  • Assisting with thinning flowers and immature fruits
  • Preventing frost damage by using fans, blowtorches, or torches
  • Adapting to different tasks depending on the crop being worked on

Applying for Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

To apply for fruit picking jobs in Canada, you must be legally authorized to work in the country. If you don’t have current work authorization in Canada, employers in the agricultural industry will not consider your application. Fruit pickers and farm workers must have a Canadian work visa.

Application Process

Candidates with a Canada Fruit Picker Visa can apply for fruit picking jobs directly through the employer’s job portal or by sending a CV and written job application via mail.

Job Requirements

  • Language: English or French
  • Education: No formal degree or diploma required
  • Experience: Experience is an asset
  • Specific skills: picking row and orchard crops
  • Equipment and Machinery: Fruit harvester
  • Weight handling: Up to 13.5 kg (30 lbs)
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