Is Stevie Wonder Alive or dead?

If you like music, especially funk and Jazz then you probably hear of Stevie wonder, he has played a significant role in Global music with so many awards.

After inspiring so many young musicians, the singer is hardly seen in public this days, this made netizens to start asking some very legitimate questions about whether Stevie wonder is alive or dead.

Well in this article we got all the answers for you,

Is Stevie Wonder Alive or dead?

He is Still alive and active in the music business, rumors of his demise is untrue, thus you should disregard any reports.

stevie-wonder-Credit Britannica

After receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former US President Barack Obama in 2014, Stevie Wonder is still alive and well.

Despite this, Stevie’s absence from the music scene in recent years has been attributed to health problems.

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