Is Lee Seung-gi Breaking Up With Lee Da-in?

The split rumors surfaced again in the first quarter of 2022 in many online communities. Surprisingly, Lee Seung Gi officially addressed the issue in a statement on his official website on June 5.

The “Vagabond” lead star said, “I think we lacked communication and got hurt a lot during the past year so considering this for a long time, I decided to finally open up to you.”

Lee Seung Gi went on, “I have stayed silent amidst all the confusion. I believed saying anything emotionally would not convey my thoughts clearly.

I was worried that if our communication and stories spread and became distorted rumors, it would hurt a lot of people and be used as another issue for someone.”

The star of “Hwayugi” also hoped that people would understand why he was afraid to make a statement before clarifying the situation.

“As there has been no change in my personal life since the relationship rumor went out in 2021,” Seung Gi explained, “I neither made any additional statements on it nor considered it essential to do so.”

He continued, “I apologize if the situation has affected anyone, and I truly want to console you all. Please hold me responsible for my inadequacies, and I hope you will understand my situation.”

The actor has remained tight-lipped about his connection with Lee Da In. The “Mouse” star, of course, desires to keep his personal life private.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is set to return to drama with the legal-romance series “Love According to the Law,” which will air in August. He’ll be in the same frame as Lee Se Young from “The Red Sleeve Cuff.”

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