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Biography and Career.

Claudio Aprile, an Italian-Canadian celebrity chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV personality, was born on January 23, 1969, in Uruguay. Since January 2014, he has served as the competition’s principal host and judge on CTV’s MasterChef Canada.Claudio Aprile is a professional chef who was born in Uruguay, raised in Toronto, and has experience working in kitchens of multi-Michelin starred restaurants across the world. Since he was 5 years old, Aprile has always wanted to be a chef and has been cooking since he was 14 years old. He has spent his whole career in kitchens, rising through the ranks to become the successful professional celebrity chef and restaurateur that he is today. He claimed that he never had official training to become a chef and that, as a young child, he told his mother that he would become a chef rather than that he wanted to try to become one. When he was 18 years old, he visited Thailand, which had a significant impact on his cooking. In 17 months, he went to 160 cities.Prior to arriving in England, he traveled to several other nations before making his way to London, where he labored hard until he was hired as the executive head chef at Bali Sugar in Notting Hill.In Toronto, Canada, Aprile opened the popular eatery Colborne Lane in 2007. [6] He started the first Origin restaurant in Toronto in 2009. In an unoriginal Toronto dining scene, Colborne Lane stood out for its modernist cuisine and nitrogen sweets. In the years that followed, he was able to open two more sites in Toronto as a result of the original location’s success. 
One of the top restaurants in the world, Colborne Lane, was praised, and Aprile was recognized as one of Canada’s most creative chefs.

Who is Claudio Aprile`s Wife?

His wife`s name is Heather Aprile

Who are Claudio Aprile`s Children?

She has two children, a son and a girl. His daughter is Isabel, and his son is Aiden.

Who are Claudio Aprile Parents?

Deatils of his parents are not yet out

What is Claudio Aprile`s Age?

He is 53 years old

What is Claudio Aprile Height?

Details of his height are not yet known

What is Claudio Aprile Net worth?

Claudio Aprile is worth $ 50 million.

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