Heidi Bivens Age, Family, Husband, & Net-worth

Heidi Bivens
Heidi Bivens

Heidi Bivens is an American fashion designer and stylist known for her unique perspective that combines fashion and film.

She draws inspiration from classical Hollywood films, Italian neorealism, and the French New Wave.

Born on June 27, 1976, in Virginia, Heidi was interested in fashion from a young age. After finishing her studies, she began her career in fashion by working as a stylist and later as a costume designer.

Her work has been featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue and Purple. In addition to her fashion work, she has also worked on several Hollywood films, including “Inland Empire” and “The Longest Week.” Heidi Bivens‘ net worth is $1.2 million.

Heidi Bivens’ most famous relationship was with Hollywood actor Justin Theroux, which began in 1996 and lasted for 14 years.

However, their relationship ended when Theroux met actress Jennifer Aniston during the filming of a movie.

Following their separation, Theroux and Aniston married in 2015 and divorced in 2017. Heidi was affected emotionally by the separation and was diagnosed with cancer.

Despite this, she is doing well and focusing on her work.

She has not revealed information about her husband or expressed an interest in a romantic relationship.

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