French Actor: Pierre Palmade Car Accident Video and Photos

Pierre Palmade Car Accident Video and Photos

Pierre Palmade, a famous French actor and comedian, has recently made headlines due to his involvement in a car accident in Seine-et-Marne, France.

The accident occurred on February 10, 2023, and left several people injured, including a pregnant woman who tragically miscarried as a result of the trauma.

Palmade has tested positive for cocaine, and he is now facing potential manslaughter charges. Here’s what we know so far about the incident.

Born on March 23, 1968, in Bordeaux, France, Pierre Palmade is known for his appearances in various films and television shows.

He grew up in Bordeaux with his two sisters and his mother, who is an English teacher. Unfortunately, when Palmade was eight years old, his father, who was a doctor, died in a car accident. Despite this tragedy, Palmade went on to pursue a career in acting and comedy.

Palmade has been married in the past to singer Veronique Samson and has been linked to several other women over the years.

However, his personal life has been the subject of much speculation, particularly around his sexuality. In 2001, his marriage ended amid accusations that he was gay. Palmade later confirmed these rumors in an interview with Tetu magazine and expressed his desire to be in a committed relationship with a man.

Pierre Palmade Car Accident Video and Photos

On February 10, 2023, Palmade was involved in a serious car accident on the RD372 in the Seine-et-Marne town of Villiers-en-Bière.

His vehicle collided head-on with a Renault Mégane traveling in the opposite direction. A second car, driven by an elderly man, also hit the vehicles shortly afterward.

The occupants of the Renault included a pregnant woman in her thirties, her six-year-old son, her brother-in-law, who was in his forties, and the driver.

As a result of the collision, three of the five people in the Renault were critically injured. Palmade was also in critical condition when he was rushed to the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital.

However, he has since been reported to be in stable condition. The pregnant woman was flown to the Beaujon hospital in Clichy, and the unborn child was taken to the Necker Hospital.

Unfortunately, the woman later miscarried due to the trauma of the accident. The driver of the third vehicle was sent to Melun’s South Ile-de-France hospital.

Following the accident, Palmade tested positive for cocaine and was subsequently arrested. He is now facing potential manslaughter charges and could face up to two years in prison under French law.

This is not the first time Palmade has faced legal trouble related to drug use. In 1995, he was found guilty of using cocaine and fined 20,000 francs. In 2019, he publicly admitted to struggling with addiction to cocaine since his early twenties.

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