Who is Usama Ishtay? ‘Next in Fashion’ Season 2 to star

Usama Ishtay
Usama Ishtay

Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’ is back with a bang! Season 2 of the much-awaited reality show is all set to premiere on March 3, 2023, with an exciting lineup of judges, hosts, and contestants.

The show, which was previously canceled, surprised fans with its revival announcement last year.

As the countdown to the premiere begins, fans are eager to know what’s in store for them in the upcoming season.

The video streaming giant has revealed that Tan France, the ‘Queer Eye’ alum, will be returning as a co-host alongside the 27-year-old supermodel, Gigi Hadid.

Joining them as judges will be Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the global contributing fashion editor-at-large for American Vogue, and Jason Bolden, the celebrity stylist known for styling A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Yara Shahidi. The show promises to be a glitter-filled extravaganza that will keep audiences hooked till the very end.

What makes the show even more exciting is the new set of talented emerging designers who will compete for a chance to win a grand prize of $200,000 and the opportunity to debut their collection with Rent the Runway.

One such designer who is making waves in the fashion industry is Usama Ishtay. With a celebrity clientele that includes Tyra Banks, Carrie Underwood, Chiquis Rivera, and Lauren London, Ishtay is a force to be reckoned with.

Who is Usama Ishtay?

Born in Gu├írico, Venezuela, in 1988, Ishtay received his Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2010 and completed his Master’s in Geology two years later.

He opened three stores in Venezuela, but they were later closed due to the political and economic instability of the nation. In 2016, Ishtay moved to California with nothing but a dream of becoming a fashion designer. He made a living as an Uber driver while studying sewing and pattern-making in a studio shared with six other people.

Ishtay’s hard work and dedication eventually paid off when he made connections with a few designers, which led to the opportunity to work as an unpaid intern at LA Fashion Week.

His big break came when he was given the chance to dress Eve, his first celebrity placement, in exchange for giving the dress to be sold at auction to benefit the organization Autism Speaks.

Since then, Ishtay has become a renowned fashion designer, designing unique red-carpet pieces and couture dresses for big events.

In ‘Next in Fashion’ Season 2, Ishtay will be one of the designers competing for the grand prize. With challenges that include swimwear, recycled clothes, and Met Gala designs, the designers will have to put their technical prowess and aesthetic talent to the test.

It will be exciting to see Ishtay’s creations on the runway and witness his journey on the show.

In conclusion, fans of fashion and reality shows are in for a treat with ‘Next in Fashion’ Season 2. With a star-studded lineup of judges, hosts, and contestants, the show promises to be a visual feast for audiences.

Make sure to catch the premiere on Netflix on March 3, 2023, and witness the emergence of a new fashion superstar.

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