Belgium travel insurance; Facts you must know

Travel insurance

Travel insurance has grown very popular, even to the point where it is almost becoming a norm in modern travel culture. 

More and more people are understanding the importance of insuring their trips and some countries have gone as far as making travel insurance mandatory for all visitors.

This is why it is also important to do ample research about your destination country before embarking on the trip. 

If you plan on traveling to Belgium, you will find this article extremely helpful. We will answer some popular questions travelers usually have and share other relevant information in it as well. 

Keep reading to find out all there is to know. 

Do you need travel insurance for Belgium?

Belgium is one of the countries that have not made travel insurance a mandatory requirement for all travelers visiting their land. In Belgium, tourists and other visitors can choose to not purchase travel insurance, although that is not advisable.

The government always encourages travelers to buy at least international health insurance for their trips into the country in order to prevent them from spending too much in the case of Belgium purely optional for foreigners going into Belgium. 

However, travel insurance becomes mandatory if a traveler needs a Schengen visa for Belgium. 

Other than that, choosing to insure your trip is purely up to you. 

Which is the best European travel insurance?

The European travel insurance company that has been widely accepted over the years as the best among all its competitors is Travelex Travel Insurance. 

The company was ranked as the overall best insurance company for providing its clients with matchless comprehensive insurance policies at highly competitive price ranges. 

Do I need a Covid certificate to enter Belgium?

Travelers who arrive at the various airports in Belgium are required to show a Covid certificate to prove they have not been infected and thus, won’t pose a health threat to the country.

Travelers without the Covid certificate must get tested up to about 72 hours before their arrival in Belgium. 

People who test positive are prevented from traveling and immediately quarantined.

Citizens of the United States are the only group of travelers who are allowed into Belgium without proof of vaccination or a recovery certificate. 

How Much Does Belgium Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of insurance policy you wish to purchase and the company you’re purchasing it from. 

Usually, the cost of insurance policies falls between 4% to 12% of the total cost of your trip. And the comprehensibility of your package will determine how high or low the cost of your insurance will be.

In Belgium, travelers can get insurance for as low as GHS40.82 per day. It all depends on what you want to insure and also how long your trip will last. 

What travel documents do I need for Brussels?

To enter Belgium, travelers are required to have a valid passport or passport card.

Belgium does not have a spelled-out validity requirement. However, travelers are to make sure that their passports are valid enough to cover the length of their visit. 

Do I need to show my travel insurance at the airport?

Travelers are not required to show their travel insurance policies upon arrival in Belgium. People who have applied for the Schengen visa are the only group this is expected of. But even with that, all that is necessary is your policy number. Having your insurance company’s telephone number as well is also a good call. 

Is it worth getting travel insurance for Europe?

It is worth getting travel insurance when traveling to any and every country on the planet. Medical emergencies and unfortunate unforeseen circumstances are no respecter of countries. It is always a good choice to insure your trip before leaving home. It is the best way to look out for yourself on foreign soil. 


The cost of medical care and other services for foreigners is exceptionally high in Belgium. It’ll be a shame having to spend thousands of dollars on issues that could have easily been covered by your travel insurance. 

Travel insurance is not compulsory for visitors to Belgium, but that does not make it any less important to you. 

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