Ekta Travel Insurance; Here is what you have to know

Travel insurance

Travel insurance has become an essential part of the modern international travel culture.

And despite usually being relatively expensive to obtain, travel insurance is the best way for tourists and other travelers to feel secure and feel a sense of control to a certain degree when moving around in a foreign country alone. 

Having to spend outside your personal budget during a trip can leave you with several months of credit debt or even worse.

Purchasing an affordable travel insurance policy will help you cheat the financial crisis unforeseen events could put you in without you having to spend a fortune acquiring it. 

Speaking of affordable travel insurance policies, Ekta Travel Insurance is one of the best budget-friendly travel insurance companies in all of Ukraine to consider.

There are many important details to learn about Ekta Travel Insurance, keep reading for all the information to help you decide if it is the right insurance provider for you. 

What is Ekta Travel Insurance? 

Ekta Travel Insurance is a registered international travel insurance company built to provide insurance coverage to citizens of Ukraine and legal residents in the country who wish to travel outside of the country to a number of countries across the world. 

Since its establishment nine years ago, Ekta Travel Insurance has harnessed an impressive track record of reliable travel insurance service to a total of 2 million loyal clients. 

Who is eligible for Ekta travel insurance? 

The only groups eligible for the Ekta travel insurance plan are Ukraine nationals and registered foreign residents.

If you happen to fall outside these two categories, you’ll be considered ineligible by default. You may consider other travel insurance companies available in the country. 

Does Ekta travel insurance have age restrictions?

Ekta travel insurance has a generously wide range of age groups eligible for its services.

The company provides insurance coverage for babies aged three months and above to old people up to the age of 90.

Applicants who are less than three months old or above 90 years are not qualified applicants and therefore, will not be considered. 

Does Ekta travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions? 

Ekta Travel Insurance offers clients a variety of insurance coverage options to choose from.

If you choose a standard travel insurance policy, you will not be covered for medical emergencies resulting from health conditions you already had prior to the trip.

On the other hand, if you purchase one that offers fully comprehensive medical cover, the insurance company will cover your pre-existing medical conditions based on the terms and conditions stated in the contract. 

Can I purchase Ekta travel insurance online? 

Clients can save themselves the stress of traveling to the company’s office to purchase their insurance policies.

Thanks to digitalization, you can simply visit the well-protected and secured website of Ekta to choose your preferred travel insurance policy and have it processed and delivered directly to your email after making full payment of your premium via bank transfer or credit card deposit. 

Is Ekta travel insurance available in every country? 

Being a new-generation organization with less than a decade in existence, Ekta travel insurance is mainly based in its home country for now and has been primarily tailored for people living in Ukraine. 

The company is still working steadily on extending its market coverage to other parts of the world and eventually increasing its customer base in the process. 

For the time being, citizens and residents of Ukraine have full access to the insurance solutions provided by Ekta travel insurance. 

Ekta Travel Insurance is a great option for Ukraine citizens and legal residents who wish to travel outside the country.

Ekta provides clients with comprehensive medical cover and up to 100% reimbursement and refunds in case of baggage losses or emergency situations that lead to trip cancellation or delay.

These offers make it a great insurance company and worth considering by every Ukrainian traveler. 

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