All about Jennifer Belle Saget, Bob Saget’s daughter

Jennifer Belle Saget is one of the three daughters of the amazing American actor and comedian Bob Saget. Despite coming from a celebrity family, Jennifer lives a rather private life. 

How old is Jennifer Belle Saget?

Jennifer Belle Saget was born on November 18, 1992 in New York in the United States of America to her parents; Bob Saget and his lovely wife Sherri Kramer. She is 30 years old at the time of writing. 


Who are Jennifer Belle Saget’s siblings? 

Bob and Sherri had three daughters, Jennifer Saget was the youngest of them. Her other two sisters are Aubrey Saget and Lara Melanie Saget.

What is Jennifer Belle Saget’s profession?

Besides her father’s fame, Jennifer Belle Saget worked hard to make a name for herself in America’s media industry. Jennifer Saget is a well-known media personality by profession. 


Jennifer Saget’s education 

Much is not known about her educational background except that she schooled in New York all her life. She attended elementary school and high school in New York and graduated from New York University.

Jennifer Saget’s net worth 

Jennifer’s net worth has not yet been estimated and therefore, remains unknown. 

How tall is Jennifer Saget? 

Jennifer Saget is average height. She is said to be about 5 feet and one inch tall. 

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