Zain Asher – CNN Net Worth


Zain Asher is a CNN news anchor and co-anchor. She joined the network in 2013. She is the host of Weekend Edition. In addition to her role on CNN, she has appeared on various shows such as Means Business, Move with Julia Chatterley, The Express, and On the Road. She has been a frequent contributor to several CNN shows. Her most popular shows include CNN Newsroom, CNN America, and Marketplace Africa.

As a CNN reporter, Zain Asher has amassed a large net worth. In addition to her work for the network, she is married to Steve Peoples. In addition to CNN, she has a blog called Asher on the Media. In addition, she also hosts her own show, One World with Zain Asher, which airs weekdays at 12pm ET. Asher is a Virgo, has a M.A. from Columbia University, and resides in Balham, London.


Asher is married to Steve Peoples, a political journalist for The Associated Press. They have two children together. Their first child was born in 2018, but the name has not been revealed yet. Asher’s CNN Net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. The couple is still working out the details of their relationship. While Asher is a CNN anchor, she also works as a writer. She is a married woman.

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