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If you’re wondering if Xoxoemira is transgender, you’re not alone. She’s a popular TikTok star, astrology expert, and former Victoria’s Secret model who believes in the power of astrology.

XOXOEMIRA is a Black transgender model who has worked with prestigious brands, including Victoria’s Secret. This article will discuss the controversial topic and provide more information on the model.


Xoxoemira Career

Emira D’Spain, a TikTok sensation, has become the first black transgender model to partner with Victoria’s Secret. This year, the model, better known as XOXOEMIRA, is collaborating with the popular lingerie line for its Valentine’s Day ad campaign.


Emira’s TikTok videos have gone viral, and her tutorials on GRWM makeup are wildly popular. She also wears a lot of baby pink blush!

Emira now uses the TikTok app to give her fans advice on beauty and fashion. She also shares her personal experiences of dating and friendships, as well as her time in New York City.

Her videos have received positive reviews from her fans and followers, and she plans to continue her popularity on the platform. She is working on launching her own clothing line.

Xoxoemira is a beauty expert

Emira D’Spain, a New York City-based transgender model and beauty expert, has a growing social following and is known for her makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and fashion secrets.

The self-described beauty nerd and transgender also happens to be a model and the Beauty Director at PAPER Magazine. She shares her story on Instagram.

A social media star and a transgender model, Emira D’Spain is the first transgender black woman to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret on a Valentine’s Day social campaign.

The video is a beauty guide for a single girl on a romantic day. Her videos are extremely popular, with over 150k views. She loves to wear baby pink blusher.

Xoxoemira believes in astrology

Xoxoemira believes in astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat’s interpretation of astrology is a prime example of how astrology has become politicized. The book reveals that Sparkly Kat is not the only person to believe in astrology, but she also is an excellent example of how the subject has been politicized.

The writer’s argument is based on colonization. During the Roman occupation of the Earth, the zodiac was formalized. White people inherited this from the Romans. In addition to this, the Islamic world and India have a long tradition of astrology.

By ignoring the other astrological systems, she is not acknowledging the history of the entire world. Her argument is based on the belief that astrology relates to the mythic origin of

While the media often focuses on debunking astrology, many young adults see the practice as something they believe in. Millennials, for example, are more comfortable in the borderlands between belief and skepticism.

Many people spend a great deal of their time online. The online space can be both real and unreal, and so is astrology. In this way, many people believe astrology is a powerful way to get organized.

Xoxoemira has worked with Victoria’s Secret

Emira D’Spain, a TikTok sensation and aspiring model, has announced that she has teamed up with the lingerie brand. A trans woman, Emira is known for her flawless GRWM makeup tutorials and uber-glam outfits. Her smoldering stare and love of baby pink blush are some of the reasons why she is one of the hottest social media stars.

Xoxoemira Gender

As the first trans woman of color to work with Victoria’s Secret, Emira D’Spain is making headlines as a TikTok star. The model is known for her comedic makeup videos and beauty tips.

In a recent video, she shared tips for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single. Emira recently described working with Victoria’s Secret as a “dream come true.”

Xoxoemira Net Worth

Xoxoemira has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand

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