Will U.S. Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v. Wade abortion rights?

The U.S. Supreme Court looks set to vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, according to a leaked initial draft majority opinion published by Politico on Monday.


U.S. Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v. Wade abortion rights

The unprecedented leak from the conservative-majority Supreme Court sent shock waves through the United States.


The court prides itself on keeping its internal deliberations secret and leaks are extremely uncommon. Draft majority opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito preparing for a majority of the court to overturn Roe v. Wade later this year.

After an initial vote among the justices following an oral argument, one is assigned the majority opinion and writes a draft.

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A ruling is only final when it is published by the court. The Roe v. Wade decision recognized that the right to personal privacy under the U.S. Constitution protects a woman’s ability to terminate her pregnancy. Christian conservatives and many Republican officeholders have long sought to overturn it.

It appeared based on December’s oral argument that a majority was inclined to uphold Mississippi’s abortion ban.

What does the Supreme Court decision mean?

Typically, the Court hears cases that have been decided in either an appropriate U.S. Court of Appeals or the highest Court in a given state (if the state court decided a Constitutional issue). The Supreme Court has its own set of rules. According to these rules, four of the nine Justices must vote to accept a case.