Why is the Royal Standard flag draped over Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?

When Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, her coffin was flown from Edinburgh to London while draped in the Royal Standard flag.

We explain what the standard royal flag is and why it is draped over the Queen’s coffin in this section.

What is the flag of the Royal Standard?

In Scotland, a different version of the Royal Standard is used, with Scottish arms being used in the first and fourth quartiles and English arms in the second quartile.

How long will the royal flag remain on the queen’s coffin?

The standard royal flag will remain on the Queen’s coffin all week.

In Westminster Hall, the public will see the Queen’s casket covered in the standard royal flag alongside the Imperial State crown.

The imperial orb and imperial sceptre would also be on the coffin.

The standard royal flag will not be buried with the Queen.

Why was the union flag not used?

The union flag can be used by many public figures.

The coffin of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was covered in the Union flag.

However, the standard royal flag represents a higher status, such as that of a queen.

Graham Bartram, the UK’s chief virologist, told iNews: “Anyone can carry the Federation flag on their coffin, but only the Queen can have the royal standard.

“The Royal Standard is the highest rank in the Federation flag.”

Who can use the Royal Standard flag?

According to the Institute of Science, the royal standard can only be transmitted when the king is present, and after consultation with the management of Lord Chamberlain or the private secretary of the royal person.

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