Who was Katarina Boscovich? “Run Like Kat” Pays Tribute to Teen Athlete Who Died in a Car Crush.

On November 25, Longmeadow High School athlete Katarina “Kat” Boskovic was honored in a race called “Run Like Kat,” which was held on Friday. Weeks prior to her high school graduation, Boskovic was killed in an automobile accident. One of the winners in the race to remember Boskovic was her friend Shea Hamel, who was badly hurt in the same accident.

When talking about her runs with her buddy Kat, Hamel said “At the conclusion of the race, [Kat] would always kick. Because she realized it was when it mattered most, she constantly encouraged me to kick at the finish of the race “According to Mass Live. colors.

“Run Like Kat” Honors Katarina Boscovich

The 5K “Run Like Kat” competition, according to the event planners, honored Boskovic’s legacy as a distinguished student-athlete, mentor and youth track coach, and devoted member of the town’s community.

The race attracted more than 650 runners and netted about $18,000 for the Kat Boskovic Memorial Fund, which was started by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts soon after Kat’s passing.

 On Friday morning, the majority of attendees were dressed in purple and navy blue, Kat’s favorite colors, and there was a light drizzle that matched their tear-filled eyes.

Who was Katarina Boscovich?

When a 2010 Acura slammed into a tree on a bend of Green Willow Drive in Longmeadow on May 7, Kat and Hamel were both inside. Just a few weeks prior to graduating from Longmeadow High School and enrolling at McGill University in Quebec to pursue a career in medicine like her parents, Kat perished in a car accident. 

Hamel was also seriously hurt in the collision and was on the point of passing out and being paralyzed before making a miraculous recovery.

Zachary Elfman, 18, has been charged with manslaughter and other offenses in connection with the car accident on May 7 that killed Boskovic and critically injured Hamel. According to sources, Elfman is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, which set off the sequence of events that resulted in the horrible collision.

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