Who was Jacob McClanahan? Indiana firefighter shot


On Monday, an Indiana firefighter was shot and killed after stopping to assist a stranded motorist.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. in Indiana, 31-year-old Justin Moore, a resident of Kentucky, ran out of gas. Zachary Holly, a police officer with the Palmyra Police Department, arrived to assist.

According to Indiana State Police, shortly after the officer arrived, 24-year-old Jacob McClanahan stopped to offer assistance. McClanahan volunteered as a firefighter and worked for the Harrison County Highway Department.

According to police, Holly asked Moore if he had any weapons in his vehicle, and Moore said no. Moore was instructed to secure a small knife he was carrying within his vehicle.

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Moore subsequently retrieved a shotgun from the vehicle and fired upon Holly. Moore fatally shot McClanahan with a shotgun round, according to the police, before the officer returned fire and fatally shot Moore.

Emergency response teams attempted to assist both McClanahan and Moore, but neither man could be saved. Holly only sustained minor injuries.

“It makes no sense that someone could be murdered while stopping and offering assistance.” “Jacob is a true hero whose life of selflessness will be remembered forever,” the Harrison Township Fire Department posted to social media.

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“A true firefighter that was always there when you needed help. Godspeed Jacob T. McClanahan. Your brothers at Harrison Township will miss you. Gone but never forgotten,” the department added.

Officials still do not know why Moore was traveling in Indiana or why he decided to open fire on those assisting him.