Who is the Ringmaster on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer returns to ABC on March 30 for its seventh season. This season, instead of wild card contestants, is divided into teams of three. The first team will be Firefly, with a country singer named Gabby Barrett as the ringmaster. During the audition round, she was the first act chosen by the judges, and she blew everyone away with her powerful vocals. After the show’s premiere, she was voted off as Cyclops. She is the only other contestant to have made it to the finals from Round one.

Emily Osment is the new frontrunner on The Masked Singer. She is a former Hannah Montana co-star and actress. She has two solo albums. Her music is mostly rock and roll, and her songs are based on pop and country music. She’s a talented rock singer, but if she was the Ringmaster, it would be a perfect duet!

Emily Osment is a well-known actress who appeared alongside Miley Cyrus on the hit show Hannah Montana. She has also released her own albums. The singer hails from Los Angeles, and she has released a mix of country and rock music. If she were to take over the role of the Ringmaster, she would be an ideal candidate. And with her great voice, she would make a fantastic Ringmaster.

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