Who is Tamima Samira? Queens teen shot while studying

“We make fun of [Mayor] Eric Adams all the time,” she said, referring to her high school debate team. “It’s kind of crazy how he thinks just getting homeless people off the subway will do anything to help the crime rates. It’s hard. There is not much you can do to effectively get rid of these problems.”

Mayor Eric Adams’ handling of crime, according to a Queens teenager who was shot in the leg while doing her schoolwork when a stray bullet blasted through her front door, is “laughable.”

Who is Tamima Samira?

Tamima Samira, 15, said officials are doing a “poor” job handling the city’s gun violence during an interview at her bloodstained St. Albans house two days after she was shot in the leg in her dining room, believing it will “only going to get worse.”

Around 11 p.m., the sophomore at Bronx High School of Science was working on English assignments at her dining room table. According to authorities, a trio of suspects opened fire outside of her home on 113th Road near 205th Street on Tuesday.

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