On the BBC One reality show Future Food Stars, a contestant named Stephanie Buttery has revealed that she has served in the Royal Navy. She joined at the age of 19 and was stationed in Japan.

The experience of living and working in a foreign country inspired her to create her own drink, Chu Lo.

Her company will compete for PS150,000 in funding from the British chef Gordon Ramsey.

As a chef and business owner, Stephanie Buttery has always dreamed of being her own boss.

Who is Stephanie Buttery?

After spending 12 years in the Royal Navy, she was enthralled by sour drinks that were popular in Japan.

Since then, she has developed a business concept based on her love of Japanese soft drinks, Chu Lo. As a result, she has incorporated Japanese traditions into her own beverages.

In addition to creating drinks for a global audience, Buttery also created a nonalcoholic drink called Chu Lo.

Her product is now available in four flavors, and her success has led to her signing a multi-million-pound deal with Belong Gaming and YO! Sushi.

The future for Stephanie Buttery and her company is bright.

They are a good fit for the competition and are sure to make their businesses thrive.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s future food star show about?

In `Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars‘, 12 food entrepreneurs fight for a life-changing investment of £150,000 of Gordon’s own money for their food business.

Gordon puts the contenders through a series of challenges that test their personality and business acumen. Some of the entrepreneurs’ creations include small-batch Indian sauces, apple cider vinegar seltzers, bottled cocktails, artisan smoked salmon, and more.


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