Who is Quenlin Blackwell?

Quenlin Blackwell is an online influencer.

She rose to prominence on the now-defunct app Vine, where she amassed over a billion loops and 500k followers.

She is currently well-known for her TikTok, Instagram, and self-titled YouTube channel comedy and beauty videos.

The social media influencer, known as Quen among her fans, began her journey in 2013 and has since amassed a massive fanbase worldwide.

Quenlin Blackwell made her social media debut at the age of 12 in 2013.

She first appeared on Vine, where she posted short comedy videos.

Her Vine handle was “quensadilla.” She left Vine with over 500k followers and over 500 million loops.

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She moved on from Vine to YouTube, where she began uploading in a different format because YouTube was for longer videos.

She mostly writes about beauty and comedy.

Her YouTube channel has over 955k subscribers.

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