Who is Phoebe Gates? Age, New boyfriend, Net worth

The daughter of Bill Gates, the man who founded Microsoft, is well-known as PHOEBE Gates.


She is now establishing her name independently of her family’s legacy while enrolled in classes at Stanford University.

Who is Phoebe Gates?


The 19-year-old Phoebe Gates is Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates’ youngest child.

Phoebe Gates Age

On September 14, 2002, he was born.

Phoebe has developed a fan base of her own over time and frequently updates her Instagram account, where she has more than 140,000 followers, with updates from her life.

He will graduate from Stanford University in 2025 with a degree, but it is unknown what he is majoring in.

What did Phoebe Gates say about Roe v. Wade?

The Roe v. Wade decision, which had previously established abortion as a constitutional right, was overturned by the US Supreme Court on June 24, 2022.

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Protests started immediately after the decision was made around the nation, and ever then, a lot of famous people have been utilizing their platforms to voice their opposition to the choice.

One of those stars was Phoebe, whose opinion piece was eventually printed on Fashion.

She talked about a recent trip to Rwanda in the piece, where she had direct experience with the harm that a lack of reproductive rights can bring to children.

As she tried to dispute with her two children, a 14-year-old girl who was already a mother of twins spoke to me, Phoebe recounted.

His voice reflected hopelessness. This is the only community we have, he declared.

When she was there, she thought that by describing what life was like in the pre-Roe era to Americans, she would be able to convince them of the significance of the legislation. However, after it was overturned, she recognized that she had been mistaken.

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The issue never arose from a lack of interesting stories or appalling data, she continued.

“One more viral RBG or Gloria Steinem comment wouldn’t have saved Roe,” the author writes.

It wasn’t at all about persuading, Phoebe continued. Power was at issue.

“The incorrect six individuals had positions of power. And as a result, women lost their freedom of choice.

Phoebe continued, saying that the most recent choice has fueled her desire to stand up for what is right.

I don’t know where life will lead me, especially in the next few decades, and I’m only 19 years old.

Wherever I go, I’ll keep working to ensure that no woman, in America or anywhere else, finds herself in a room like the one I met those 52 adolescent girls in Rwanda in.

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Who are Phoebe Gates’ brothers and sisters?

Melinda and Bill had three children together before getting divorced.

Jennifer Gates, 26, and Rory Gates, 23, are Phoebe’s siblings.

For her over 520,000 Instagram followers, Jennifer frequently updates about her life and love of horseback riding. She is currently a medical student.

She wed professional equestrian Nayel Nassar in 2021.

In contrast, Rory prefers to lead a more sedate existence away from the spotlight.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago in June 2022.

Rory’s social media sites are personal, as opposed to her sister’s.