Who is Pete Souphom? Bedford County farmer shot while mowing his lawn

Pete Souphom was slain on the farm he had worked for 20 years and hoped to pass down to his children.

“Pete wanted to build something; he built this farm and had something to leave behind.” “Obviously, this was not his plan, but he wanted to be able to leave behind and show his kids the work ethic that it takes to be successful,” said Josh Anderson with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. 

Those ambitions were dashed on October 10, 2021, when Souphom was shot and died while mowing his lawn.

The first detective on the scene was interviewed by News 2. He stated that they had roughly the same amount of information that they did on day one.

“Basically, it seems like there’s nowhere to go with the no leads. It doesn’t seem like anybody heard or seen anything that night that would give us any leads as to a direction to look in,” said Detective Trey Green with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.  

The case has been particularly difficult to solve because there are no nearby neighbors or camera recordings. That is why it is said that any information is beneficial.

“A lot of times, individuals are apprehensive about becoming engaged. It’s now or never to become involved… If anyone saw or heard something, such as a gunshot, a car door bang, or an argument, “anything of that type would be extremely useful,” Anderson added.

Despite the fact that discovering Souphom’s killer will be difficult, cops say the case is personal to them.

“It’s one thing to bring Pete’s killer to prison, but it’s another to just give closure to the family and make sense of this senseless murder,” Anderson said.

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