A young girl was discovered dead at a motel after she was last spotted looking “frightened.”

Nova Thomas, four, was found lifeless at the Sunset Inn Motel in Tampa, Florida, on Monday morning. Investigators are trying to put together what happened to her.

First responders attempted to save the child’s life but were unable.

The child’s family is now demanding an explanation.

Diana Williams, Nova’s grandma, said she is heartbroken and regretful.

Williams told WFLA that she last saw her granddaughter at the motel on Easter morning, along with her father and several other children.

“I held Nova and she was looking timid, fearful, but I didn’t think anything of it because I saw the other kids,” Williams told the outlet.

Williams left but now wishes she didn’t go alone.

“I’m beating myself up about that because if I took my grandbaby and brought her home with me or to the hospital, she would still be here today, and I have to live with that for the rest of my life, knowing I could have saved Nova and didn’t act,” Williams said.

“I didn’t act on the bruises I saw, the way she was dressed, and the way she was looking fearful, like she was pleading, please take me with you, and I didn’t do nothing.”

Williams had 15 grandchildren, and Nova was one of them.

Nova, according to her grandmother, is a regular four-year-old.

“She enjoyed singing, dancing, and TikTok.” Willaims told the site, “She was always smiling, absolutely adorable.”

Nova Thomas Cause of death

Nova Thomas cause of death remains unknow at the moment, Investigations are on going

Nova’s family is now seeking answers regarding her untimely death.

“We want to know what happened to Nova, why did she go in that hotel and not come out,” the grandmother said.

“Why didn’t he call the paramedics, why did you spend 30 phone calls calling me and not the paramedics.”


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