Who is Moira Akers? A woman who killed her newborn and claimed stillbirth

In 2018, the Maryland resident was on trial for killing her infant boy by smothering him and concealing his body in a ziploc bag.


Until medical personnel interfered, Moira Akers appeared to have planned to conceal the birth (Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office).

A jury found Moira Akers, 41, guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree child abuse in April of this year for the loss of her unborn child.


Judge Timothy J. McCrone of the Howard County Circuit Court spared her a life sentence by imposing a slightly reduced sentence of 30 years.

After Akers gave birth in November 2018, a horrifying occurrence happened. After the nameless boy was born, she made a call for assistance and was driven to a local hospital.

But she seems to have intended to hide the delivery, at least until Howard County’s medical professionals stepped in.

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She was questioned about her health by the family doctor. The cops called the hospital shortly after that. A welfare check came next, and then a murder inquiry.

“Akers did not reveal the birth of her infant to Howard County Fire & EMS workers who responded to treat her while she was being transported to the hospital,” the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office claimed in a press release.

Investigation revealed that Akers had just recently given birth in her house. In a closed closet, wrapped in a blanket and in a plastic bag, was a dead newborn baby boy when police were summoned to the house to check on the welfare of the residents.

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Akers replied, “The baby was stillborn,” when questioned about how the baby was found at the time.

The youngster was not a stillborn baby, according to a report released in March 2019 by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The youngster was instead a “healthy, full-term baby and alive at birth,” according to the prosecution. The autopsy revealed that the youngster died from exposure and asphyxiation.

According to Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ-TV, law enforcement allegedly claimed to have discovered proof that Akers searched up information on how to abort a pregnancy online. But the woman insisted her child was never alive during the trial. However, the jury rejected such justification.

State’s attorney Rich Gibson spoke about the particulars of the case in remarks that were made public at the time of Akers’ conviction. It was one of the hardest instances his office had to prosecute because “we had to prove the child was delivered alive,” he said. “Thanks to the excellent work of HCPD detectives, our prosecutors, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, and other specialists, we were able to prove to a jury that Ms Akers’ atrocious and abominable acts eventually led to the murder of her own kid,” stated the prosecutor.

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The prosecution of the case was handled by Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer W. Ritter and Chief of the Special Victims Unit Mary V. Murphy, according to a recent news statement from the State’s Attorney’s Office.