Who is Minnie Ida Anderson? Biography, Age and More

Minnie Ida Anderson is the young daughter of the celebrity couple Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph. Both her parents are big names in the American entertainment industry. 

How old is Minnie Ida Anderson?

Minnie Anderson is currently 8 years old. She was born on August 1, 2013 in the United States of America. The exact city in which she was born is unknown. 

Minnie Ida Anderson’s Parents

Young Minnie is the youngest daughter of Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson. 

Maya Rudolph is famous for being a member of the iconic 90s band The Rentals. She later joined the movie industry and now works as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. 

Paul Thomas Anderson on the other hand started off as a musician before finding his place in Hollywood at both ends of the camera. 

Are Minnie Ida Anderson’s parents married? 

Maya and Anderson are not legally married, but they’ve been together for over a decade and even refer to each other as husband and wife. 

Minnie Ida Anderson’s siblings 

Minnie Anderson is the youngest daughter of her parents. She has one older sister and an older brother as well. They all live with their parents in San Fernando Valley. 

Minnie Ida Anderson’s net worth 

Minnie currently has no wealth of her own given that she’s still very young. Her parents on the other hand have a combined net worth of about $80 million. 

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