Who is Mery Liviero? Masterchef star and OnlyFans model


A Masterchef contestant turned OnlyFans model has requested a police investigation after racy photos she shared privately were leaked online.

Mery Liviero, 26, who advanced to the sixth round of MasterChef Italy, joined the platform to earn money to build a kitchen studio and launch a YouTube channel.

However, she was surprised to discover that some of the explicit images shared in private chats on OnlyFans had been shared on WhatsApp and Facebook throughout Italy.

Mery, who has 22,000 Instagram followers, contacted Italian cops and demanded an investigation into the leak, according to Corriere Della Sera.

She stated: “The person who is responsible will receive an unpleasant phone call, and they deserve it.

“This is to make you understand that when you cross the line, I am not joking. Image theft is being discussed, and it is a serious criminal offense.”
She confirmed filing a complaint for “illegal dissemination of sexually explicit images or videos” – the same law that prohibits revenge porn.

Mery, a resident of Rome, stated: “A follower on Instagram informed me this morning that another Telegram channel featuring my photos had been created.


“I’ll remind you of a phrase I always say: if you steal and post my private material, I’ll find you and expose you.

“The information shared and published on my profile is not to be shared or sold, especially if it is private and personalized.”

Who is Mery Liviero?

“Any disclosure of materials and content outside this portal will be sued in court.”

Mery thanked fans who had helped her report the “idiots” that had been sharing her photos, Daily Star reports.

If images and videos from content creators are copied and misused, OnlyFans has a specialist team that can help to recover pirated content.

Mery isn’t the first to turn to OnlyFans to earn some extra cash or get out of an unfulfilling job.

A model shared how she quit her £100 a week job in Pizza Hut to make a fortune online.


Cinthya LaRose said delivering takeaways had ruined her social life and self-esteem so she decided to swap it for selling her sexy snaps on OnlyFans.

The Miami-based model who used to get paid £97 a week says she is now much happier and enjoys her “financial freedom”.

She told the Daily Star: “I’d come home smelling like food, my hair was flat and frazzled from constantly washing it.

“My skin went from dry to greasy depending on the day and I gained weight from those food breaks!

“My social life suffered, my self-esteem plummeted and I only made enough money for a mani/pedi and maybe some food.

“Dealing with angry customers and a stressed-out manager left me drained of energy most days.”

Cinthya didn’t know what to expect when she decided to ditch her fast-food job for OnlyFans.

But she said her new job gave her the freedom to “embrace health and wellness with a plant-based diet, meditation, yoga and hiking, as well as focusing on my body as a source of strength and power”.

She added: “I am often sexualised, have been judged and rejected by people I thought were my friends, but I take the bad with the good,

“Sex work has empowered me to build my confidence, appreciate and understand what I have to offer and push back on difficulties – real or imagined – by allowing me to just unapologetically be myself.”


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