Born in London, United Kingdom, Matthew Watts has not shared any personal information about himself.

He is an owner of Jackdaw Restaurant in Leeds, UK.

He has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. His special idea for a zero-waste eatery is what has attracted the show’s judges.

He wants to use his new venture to create jobs in the community, attract a customer base that cares about the environment and give back to the community.

In addition to being a business visionary, Matthew Watts has a passion for food and has been a contestant on the reality show Future Food Stars, hosted by Gordon Ramsay.

Who is Matthew Watts?

He was born in London, United Kingdom, but has worked in other countries. He has a Twitter account with 1043 followers and has shared posts about current events and food.

However, he is not as famous as he has been made out to be on the show.

In the cooking competition Future Food Stars, Gordon Ramsay and Matthew Watts are looking for the next food business geniuses. In this season, the show will feature 12 entrepreneurs with innovative and unique ideas.

One of them is Matthew Watts, a business visionary with experience in the food industry. He has a profile on Instagram where he explains how he got his start and what he is doing now.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s future food star show about?

In `Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars‘, 12 food entrepreneurs fight for a life-changing investment of £150,000 of Gordon’s own money for their food business.

Gordon puts the contenders through a series of challenges that test their personality and business acumen. Some of the entrepreneurs’ creations include small-batch Indian sauces, apple cider vinegar seltzers, bottled cocktails, artisan smoked salmon, and more.


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