Who is Mary Meyers Kayley? Woman on trial for pushing boyfriend to death

Reece Pegram, 21, and Mary Meyers Kayley were apparently guests at a five-star hotel in Turkey at the time the event took place.


Turkish Manavgat court is hearing the case of British woman Mary Meyers Kayley, who is accused of killing her lover in March.

The crime occurred while the 31-year-old Scottish native was staying at a five-star hotel in Antalya with the victim, Reece Pegram, age 21.


After the accused learned that the accused had cheated on her with a previous girlfriend, the two are said to have fought in their blood-stained room before Pegram passed away.

Later, Kayley is accused of pushing the man from the balcony, where he died.

It has been reported that the father-of-one passed away right away on March 12 night after the accident.

According to testimony given in court during the trial, the police found blood stains all over the couple’s room.

Additionally, the hotel personnel reported to police that both the male and the woman were binge drinking during the investigation. The staff had to intervene because Kayley was too inebriated to go to her room by herself.

According to court documents, Pegram went to the hotel lobby at 8 p.m. to buy alcohol but was turned away because he was already drunk, The Daily Mail reported. Later, the victim’s autopsy indicated that in addition to being drunk, the victim was also cocaine-high.

By arguing that her official interpreter misunderstood her due to her Scottish accent, Kayley also made an effort to persuade the court to reject her initial police statement.

However, the court informed her that the same interpreter was assisting her in the trial, therefore she was not successful. According to a Daily Mail article, the court ordered Kayley to get a mental health evaluation even though the prosecution wants her to spend the rest of her life in prison.

According to prosecutors, Kayley killed her lover because she was envious. The research also said that the minimum non-parole period in Turkey for a life prisoner is 24 years.

According to accounts, during Kayley’s interrogation, she initially admitted to fighting with Pegram after he allegedly cheated on her.

She later amended her story, saying the blood in the room was caused by an accident she had when entering the shower.

She further asserted that the blood stains on the bed were a result of intercourse.

After their argument, Kayley went to take a shower, but when she returned, Pegram was gone, she testified to the court. She then fell asleep as police arrived at the scene following the man’s collapse.

She also claimed that Pegram was a drug lord in Britain and asserted that he suffered from psychological problems.

“Reece is one of the major drug dealers in England,” she declared. Before adding, “[Reece] wanted to commit suicide since he had psychological problems, he asked if there was anywhere to acquire narcotics here. When I got into the shower at this point, I unintentionally cut only my right thumb. I stopped him when I spotted him smiling evilly to himself on the balcony after I got out of the shower and claimed I wanted to commit suicide. My right thumb was bleeding, and it spattered the room’s floor and walls.