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Biography and Career.

León Rodrigo Krauze Turrent is a Mexican journalist, author, and news anchor who was born in Mexico City on January 4, 1975.He is married with kids and the son of Enrique Krauze. Krauze graduated from New York University with a master’s degree. He started out as a football-focused sports journalist. Because of his devotion, he not only became an authority on the official historian of the Mexico national team, but also a renowned historian who has penned four books and produced eighty videos on the development of “ftbol” in Mexico. Since 1997, Krauze has reported on American politics for media outlets in both Mexico and the United States. “La Casa Dividida,” a narrative of the first five years of the Bush presidency, was released by him in 2005. Leading politicians including Juan Manuel Santos, Nick Clegg, Felipe Calderón, Enrique Pea Nieto, and others have been interviewed by Krauze.
He is married with kids.

Foreign Affairs, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, El Pas, and Letras Libres have all published his writing. He currently writes for The Daily Beast, contributes a weekly piece to El Universal in Mexico, and presents the Gabfest en Espaol podcast for Slate. He has served as a journalism professor at the USC Annenberg School since 2016. He is married with kids and the son of Enrique Krauze. Obama, Shimon Peres, and Krauze presided over “Segunda Emisión,” Mexico’s top-rated afternoon radio newsmagazine, for five years. When Krauze transitioned to television, he did well too, anchoring “Hora 21,” the primary broadcast for Foro TV, Televisa’s 24-hour news channel. Krauze was KMEX’s primary anchor at Univision’s Los Angeles station for ten years; his final show was on January 14, 2022. Beginning on January 24, Krauze will join Patricia Janiot on Univision’s national news team in Miami. Krauze also presents a daily political discussion radio program called “En boca de León” (English: “In the Lion’s Mouth”) on Univision’s Los Angeles flagship talk radio station KTNQ. Local Chat. Sep 13, 2019 Also a regular, he hosted the program “Open Source” at Fusion.

What is Leon Krauze`s Age?

He is 47 years old

Who are Leon Krauze`s Parents

names of his parents arer under review
What are Leon Krauze Height?

His height will be updated soon
Who is Leon Krauze wife?

Erika Portillo
Leon Krauze Children?

The names of his children will be updated soon
What is Leon Krauze Net worth?

Leon Krauze is worth $ 1.5 million

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